Meet Our Team


We're entrepreneurs on a mission to change the lending industry

We're just like you. We work hard and we love what we do.  We are passionate about helping businesses grow, we feed on the energy and love a challenge. We are the first to celebrate your successes and help you achieve them. We take pride in our work and are thrilled to have each of our portfolio companies as part of the Dwight family. 

We are a group of recovering bankers and traditional lenders with an entrepreneurial spirit, we question the status quo and want to reinvent the norm. We believe that there is no substitute for experience which is why we surround ourselves and network with thought leaders and industry experts. We speak with and learn from countless founders and CEOs, learn the ins and outs of our specialized industries and use this information to find tailored solutions for our clients.

We love talking shop and strategizing about the "good" problems: when a client needs more people, more space, or more inventory because it's flying off the shelves. We can help owners spot new opportunities, or avoid potential hazards. We are here to help you realize your goals.

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Ben Brachot


Jessica Bates


Simon Bindloss


Dan Basloe


Kelly Connelly


Tejas Jain


Andrew Chaimowitz

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