Food & Bev

The food and beverage space is changing rapidly

People are taking notice about what they consume, how they consume and how their products are made. Natural Food and beverage products have been a critical aspect of the global shift to healthier and more sustainable living. Dwight's team and partners are experts in this space with strong industry expertise and a common goal - to make our food and beverages more nutritious, convenient, sustainable and delicious!

We have made it our mission to study the space, understand the needs of a growing natural food & bev brand and find solutions that address the industry's unique challenges. Dwight provides revolving lines of credit that can leverage a company's Accounts Receivables and Inventory to provide flexible, fast and transparent financing to growth stage brands.

We share the spirit and vision of our clients to bring quality, innovation and evolution to the marketplace

What we do:

  • Provide flexible lines of credit to growing natural food and beverage businesses
  • Dwight lends on working capital assets, such as Accounts Receivable and Inventory to fill any cash flow gaps or inventory needs
  • The goldilocks lender - Our structures are more flexible than a bank and cheaper and easier than the other various debt options available to a company in growth mode. The perfect middle ground.
  • What we don't do: We won't eliminate the need to raise equity, however we'll extend your runway in the most founder friendly way so that you have more time to execute on your growth plan. We work alongside founders and investors, complementing your existing team to help you up your game. 

How We're Different

  • We're entrepreneurs like you. Every problem has a creative solution, and we're here to help you think through what that is.
  • We have pattern recognition - We've worked with companies that range from early stage brands just raising seed funding to those that are closing a Series C round. Our financing can adapt to diverse business needs and will generally work for companies right after inception all the way to an exit.
  • We get your business - Specializing in natural food and beverage means that we won't ask why you have a concentration with UNFI or KeHE, what trade spend means, or why your company might show losses despite top line growth. We Get It.
  • We're plugged in - Whether it's the investor community, an outsourced CFO, a better 3PL, or a social media consultant - we make sure you know who they are so that we can make relevant and thoughtful connections for you

Company Profile

  • $1-50 million in annual revenue
  • Products are typically packaged goods sold through grocers, wholesale retailers and online
  • Our companies are in high growth mode
  • Market traction and strong equity backers