Commerce is changing...

We're not quick to claim that brick and mortar retail is a thing of the past, however we do know that there is a new class of brands choosing to engage with their clients directly through creative retail experiences online and uniquely curated social media. These direct to consumer ("D2C") or Digitally Native brands are attracting investment from retail industry leaders that are seeing the headwinds, from traditional tech VCs, as well as consumer focused growth funds.

Dwight is rethinking how brands can access working capital lines of credit that work for the D2C business model.

E-Commerce is focused on making business more efficient, streamlined, cost-effective and convenient. As a lender, Dwight Funding shares these principals.

What We Do:

  • Provide flexible lines of credit to growing D2C brands
  • Dwight allows companies to leverage the inventory they hold
  • The Goldilocks lender - Our structures are more flexible than a bank and we're cheaper and easier than the other various debt options available to companies in growth mode
  • What we don't do: We won't eliminate the need to raise equity, however we'll extend your runway in the most founder friendly way so that you can execute on your growth plan with more time

How We're Different:

  • We're entrepreneurs like you. Every problem has a creative solution, and we're here to help you think through it.
  • We have pattern recognition - We've worked with early stage brands that have just raised seed funding to companies that are closing their Series C round. Our lines can adapt to whatever your business needs are and will generally work for companies right after inception all the way to an exit.
  • We get your business - Specializing in the world of D2C means that we won't ask you why influencers are a good investment, why your technology or marketing spend is so high, or why your company might be showing losses despite top line growth. We get it.
  • We're plugged in - Whether it's the investor community, an outsourced CFO, a better 3PL, or a social media consultant - we make sure we know who they are so that we can make relevant and thoughtful connections for you