Asset Based Lending with Dwight

Asset based loans are a form of secured lending in which revolving lines of credit are backed by your business' assets. At Dwight, we lend against Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Machinery & Equipment, and Real Estate so that your small or mid-sized business can access: 

Funding for Seasonal Industries

In seasonal industries, companies need cash ready. This can be used to get your business through a slow sales period, or to build up inventory for a peak period. Whatever it may be for, our loans will give you access to cash when you need it.


Flexible and Customized Solutions

Because we are not restricted by traditional bank regulations, our loans have more flexibility. We tailor our solutions to each individual client's unique needs.


Funding for Rapid Growth

If your business is in a high growth stage, you may be met with working capital restraints. Our loans can help you continue to expand by fulfilling orders and making sure that your product is reliably in stock. 


Solutions to Get Bank Ready

Small and mid-sized business applicants are being rejected by traditional banks because of size, profitability, or years in business. If this is the case for you, our loans will help put you on the path to bank financing. 

Specializing in loans for U.S. and Canadian borrows, Dwight has experience in the following industries:


Wholesale Distribution

Consumer Goods


Food and Beverage

Business Service

Our loans are tailored to your company's unique needs, but follow this typical structure:


Loans from $250,000 to $5 Million

1 - 3 Year Terms

Competitive 8 - 18% Rates

2 - 4 Weeks Timeline to Close