What is "Bank Ready"?

Bank financing is often the choice for many small and mid-sized businesses. For these businesses that qualify, bank financing is great - offering low cost solutions tied to banking relationships. The problem, however, is that many applicants are being rejected by traditional banks, facing obstacles such as size, profitability, and years in business. Given limitations of national and community banks today, these options may not be the best initial solution for small businesses. 

It’s Not You, It’s Them: Why the Banks Aren't Funding Small Businesses

You start your day excited, put on your favorite outfit and think "this is finally the one!" You walk up to the front door hoping this first meeting will lead to a profitable relationship. But once again, you get rejected. You're crushed, wondering, "Is it the way I look? The way I talk?" You've been on one too many hot dates - with the bank.